Under this model, publishing costs are borne by the author or author’s affiliates institution or the society publishing the journal. EUROTEXT Open provides all the services needed for Open Access publication. The society receives a share of the publication charges, which are collected by EUROTEXT Open ®


EUROTEXT Open offers three packages:

EUROTEXT Open “Basic” EUROTEXT Open “Regular” EUROTEXT Open “Premium”
Inclusion of the journal in a strong collection of Open Access publications Includes all services listed under EUROTEXT Open “Basic” Includes all services listed under EUROTEXT Open “Regular”
Dedicated journal website and submission system Additionally, access to an advanced online issue management system Full production and editorial services, such as copy editing, typesetting, proofreading, Reference checking and linking and file composition (pdf, xml, ePub)
Allocation of DOI and metadata submission to CrossRef Define your own workflow Pre-evaluation for PubMed; preparation and pre-evaluation of application for Clarivate Analytics (Thomson Scientific); consultation on augmenting citation frequency and Impact Factor
Online tool to detect plagiarism (iThenticate) Content usage statistics
Preparation of publication metadata for sharing with abstracting and indexing (A&I) services
Storage by long-term preservation service(s)
Indexing by Google and other search engines
Site usage statistics (on demand)

Additional Value Added Services

Depending on your journal’s requirements, EUROTEXT Open is ready to provide a range of additional services:

Optional services are priced according to individual needs and contracted separately.

* EUROTEXT Open ® is an imprint of Discover Publishing Group.